Nature Where We Live – Don Scallen


Discover nature where we live…

This book offers a selection of simple activities to help you engage with local wildlife and learn their stories, here in southern Ontario, and beyond. The activities span the duration of the year, from salamander watching in early spring and nocturnal caterpillar searches in summer, to learning about singing insects in the autumn and tracking animals in the winter.

Learn how to stalk woodcocks, rear caterpillars, photograph dragonflies and use sugary bait to attract gorgeous moths. Discover the glories of spiderwebs on dewy mornings and the astonishingly diverse life of ponds and streams.

These activities align perfectly with lowering your carbon footprint. Some can be done in your yard if you have one. Others can be pursued within walking or biking distance of your home.

This book provides ideas for parents to help their children learn about nature and thrill to the fascinating critters in their midst. And adult nature enthusiasts, curious about the life that inhabits wetlands, woodlands and meadows, can use this book to further enrich their knowledge of local ecology. And have fun in the doing!

The settings for these pleasurable pursuits are your local fields, woodlands and wetlands. This book invites you to step outside and discover the wonders of nature where we live.




Don Scallen has spent much of his life outdoors, seeking knowledge about the surprising diversity of plants and animals found in the rather tame environs of southern Ontario. He is a nature writer for In The Hills, an acclaimed regional magazine in south-central Ontario. He also writes for ON Nature magazine, published by Ontario Nature.

Don taught science in middle school for many years. These days, his passion for teaching is satisfied by nature presentations and workshops for organizations such as the Bruce Trail Conservancy, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario Nature and High Park Walking Tours in Toronto.

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