After a long career as an environmental consultant, environmental communicator and heading up an environmental not-for-profit organization in Canada and abroad, I never expected a set of hiking guides to be the best thing I’ve ever done for the natural world. As it turns out, people who hike fall in love with nature, and people who love the trees and the birds and the trails protect them. It’s been said many times: we protect what we love. My Loops & Lattes hiking guides came from love and it seems they’ve engendered love – lots of love for lots of trails.

Loops & Lattes’ Sustainability Measures

  1. All Loops & Lattes hiking guides are printed in Canada even though it would be less expensive to print them offshore.
  2. All Loops & Lattes hiking guides are printed on FSC certified paper.
  3. All Loops & Lattes hiking guides are woven bound and printed on glazed paper so they stand up to being carried in backpacks and being regularly exposed to weather even though it would be less expensive to bind them with glue on less durable paper.
  4. We support not-for-profit hiking groups and environmental organizations by offering their membership a chance to support the groups they love by purchasing Loops & Lattes Hiking Guides. For every Loops & Lattes Hiking Guide purchased by members of participating organizations from my online store (using a code system), we donate $5 to the organization. Participating organizations include:
    • Alpine Ski Club
    • The Avon Trail
    • Grand Valley Trail
    • Guelph Hiking Trail Club
    • Hamilton Naturalist Club
    • Na’amat Hamilton
    • Oak Ridge Trail Association
    • Trans Canada Trail
    • Woolwich Trails Group
    • Forks of the Credit Preservation Group
    • Escarpment Alliance
    • Reform Gravel Mining Coalition
  5. Each year, as possible, we donate 10% of net profits to an organization involved in conservation and/or trail development.